Pranasuri - yoga for musicians, creative people and all those who self-actualize through creativity in any field of activity .

         (Personal Creativity Development).

  The aim of Pranasuri  is to help people in finding and developing additional sources of creative energy through a variety of physical, respiratory, audio exercises and exercises related to the development of mental abilities and attention. 
      Another goal Pranasuri - promoting a healthy way of life - not only physical, but also psychological and emotional (spiritual). 
     One of the main objectives Pranasuri as is the promotion of Indian musical instrument - Bansuri and preservation of the cultural heritage of India - the musical tradition of Khyal. Bansuri Flute fit 99% of the population of any age, embodies numerous breathing and concentration exercises of pranayama and raja yoga, develops feeling, sensation and intuition, which are so lacking in present world.



     Pranasuri - the result of years in researching of the internal space of consciousness - feelings, emotions, mind and senses - through knowledge and practice of yoga and due to the constant efforts for being aware.


     Over the years, within the practice of hatha yoga, breathing exercises, meditation and playing  the Indian wind instrument, flute Bansuri –  It gained experience and knowledge about how to develop and crystallize attention and awareness to their own internal physical and mental processes, and as a rough state of mind transformed to truly human state of consciousness.

That is why...
Pranasuri, by passing many misconceptions,

teaches how to develop intuition and to hear the voice of his own heart.


Using various tools of yoga, pranayama, exercises for attention development and exercises from traditional Indian music, this practice leads to a state of unity and deep relaxation, and in this state shows the way to yourself.

 And then gradually  doubts and fears dissolve and It becomes the conscious life aware of each and every moment ...





    Since childhood, I was drawn to self-knowledge, to overcome doubts, fears and, most importantly, to become myself. But the reality was given with great difficulty. Although, as is now clear, it was necessary for the personal growth experience and for better knowing and empathy of other people. In 2005, at age 33, I start to change the life and in searching of the direction and tools of alteration I find yoga. It was yoga of Andrey Siderskiy from Ukraine.

After 3 years of persistant group and individual sessions by this method (Yoga23) I come to Kyiv to a seminar and from that point the next 6 years I regularly visit such a seminars. In 2011, I begin to swim with Apnoe breath and start to go in for freediving.

Gradually, there begin to occur new state of consciousness , which eventually become stable, so that fragments of perception get used to connect. It begins to be felt the state of wholeness. In 2013, I decide to try my hand at teaching and pass the first training course of Yoga23 method at  Kyiv Yoga School of A.Siderskiy .

In the same year, I go to my first 10 days Vipassana retreat. 

In 2014, in searching of missing link in my private practice, I find amazingly Indian musical tradition of playing Bansuri flute. This tradition seems to be present in the form of pranayama, meditation and opening the perception of the spiritual states of consciousness. Playing the bansuri brings me a real comprihension of the tools and the purpose of yoga...

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