About author


     Dmitriy Matveev

     Place of birth: Russia, Kostroma region, Chuhloma town.

     Date: 2 of july 1972 , Sunday.


Since childhood, I was drawn to self-knowledge, to overcome doubts, fears and, most importantly, to become myself. But the reality was given with great difficulty. Although, as is now clear, it was necessary for the personal growth experience and for better knowing and empathy of other people.

In 2005, at age 33, I start to change the life and in searching of the direction and tools of alteration I find yoga. It was yoga of Andrey Siderskiy from Ukraine.

After 3 years of persistant group and individual sessions by this method (Yoga23) I come to Kyiv to a seminar and from that point the next 6 years I regularly visit such a seminars.

In 2011, I begin to swim with Apnoe breath and start to go in for freediving.


Gradually, there begin to occur new state of consciousness , which eventually become stable, so that fragments of perception get used to connect. It begins to be felt the state of wholeness.

In 2013, I decide to try my hand at teaching and pass the first training course of Yoga23 method at  Kyiv Yoga School of A.Siderskiy .

In the same year, I go to my first 10 days Vipassana retreat.

In 2014, in searching of missing link in my private practice, I find amazingly Indian musical tradition of playing Bansuri flute. This tradition seems to be present in the form of pranayama, meditation and opening the perception of the spiritual states of consciousness. Playing the bansuri brings me a real comprihension of the tools and the purpose of yoga…


This year I start to study  in practical psychology and pass various seminars on transpersonal and process-oriented psychotherapy. Also as student I practice the numbers of individual psychotherapy sessions with high professional therapist.

This experience brings additional insight into the device as a whole mind and consciousness, as well as directly to help detect and partially transform the traumatic circumstances of childhood.

In 2015, I got acquainted with » Practice of mindfulness» Anastasia Gosteva. Knowledge and methods of these practice complement and combine my experience in working with the body, mind and heart. There is awareness, for what was needed all the previous yogic practice — self-awareness, as the state of openness.

In 2016, the cumulative experience of previous years, gives an insight into my own style of teaching how to develop potential and awareness.

This method is based of direct intuitive perception of the moment, obvious feeling energy in the body and seeing mind boarders during communication with people and on obligate knowledge of human physiology and psychology, the practical tools of yoga and yoga of sound.

As a result,

in 2017 it begins to come true the practice Pranasuri, which purpose is the transfer of knowledge, experience and practical tools for achieving health, inner balance and a state of unity with itself.