About method

The uniqueness of the method is the optimal combination of the already known, rare and paticular techniques of hatha yoga, pranayama, exercises from raja yoga and the Indian musical tradition of playing the bamboo flute of Bansuri for the development of unidirectional mind (concentration), sound and voice meditations and exercises for the development of attention (awareness).


This method is based on personal empirical experience in the field of yoga, freediving, practical pshychology, meditation, and Indian music.

The method uses:

Asanas for opening the chest, opening and strengthening of the hip, shoulder and other joints of the body, asanas for recovery, in general.

Asanas for preparation for Padmasana (lotus) for long and comfortable stay in a straight-seat position in the implementation of various Eastern practices;

Breathing exercises for the development and improvement of the respiratory and circulatory systems, for balancing the emotional state, for energy filling and distribution;

Voice exercises for releasing energy blocks in energy information centers and for the development of the 5th center in charge of communication and social manifestation;

Exercises for attention development of body sensations — meditations that promote the recovery of bodily and emotional spheres;

Exercises with the flute of Bansuri — revitalize respiratory systemdevelop concentration, sound awareness and  tuneful ear. 

In itself, the Indian musical tradition of bansuri is one of the most effective practices of physical and spiritual development.

In this case, the basic exercises of this tradition are used as tools for the development of the respiratory system and attention.

The extraction of sound on the flute of Bansuri is carried out by narrowing and increasing the flow of exhaled air, and there is an increase in pressure in the lungs and an exhalation that, as in the exercises of classical Pranayama, contributes to an increase in the carbon dioxide content in the blood, which, in turn, On the state of brain activity and on health in general.

From the point of view of physiology, the practice with Bansuri provides:

Improvement of mobility of the joint apparatus of the thorax and strengthening of the corset of the spine and neck muscles;

Improving the state of the respiratory muscles (increasing its strength to increase the vital capacity of the lungs and increasing the capacity for prolonged isometric contraction during the practice of kumbhak-respiratory inhibitions);

Improvement of the condition of the lungs — patency of the bronchial tree, opening of the alveolar apparatus;

Activation of the circulatory system, primarily the capillary link, which performs gas exchange in the lungs and tissues;

Improvement of the condition of contiguous systems affecting the work of external respiration (digestion).

Unlike the exercises of classical Pranayama, some breathing exercises in Pranasuri (Bansuri) are combined with a concentration of attention on sound. In this case, the sound on the flute must be played in unison with the sound reproduced by a special free application «Tanpura» (AppStore or PlayMarket). The Bansuri flute is arranged in such a way that the tonality of the sound is regulated by the angle of the fingers’ tilt above the holes and thus exact perception and reproduction of sound is required, which in turn develops hearing, micromotorics and sensitivity of the fingers. As a result of regular exercises, acoustic attention is also developing.


From the point of view of yoga, a constant concentration on sound leads to spiritual development — see Nada-yoga.


Improving micromotorics and finger sensitivity affects the development of the brain departments responsible for speech and communication. Also, there is active synchronization of the left and right hemispheres, which contributes to the harmonization of the mental and emotional spheres.


Playing the flute sounds (Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ci-Re-Do) and Alankara special exercises using various Metronome rhythms or a special application — Tabla develops a sense of rhythm, intuition and ability to live in harmony with the surrounding Peace.


Also, regular exercises on Bansuri using a metronome contribute to the removal of unnecessary stress in the body and, in general, the relaxation of deep physical muscles.


In general, due to breathing, concentration on sound and rhythm, the cardinal development of the respiratory and nervous systems takes place.


From the point of view of yoga, the wind instruments are related to the elements of air that correspond to the heart center. Flute Bansuri, its purpose is to directly reveal the sensory perception of a person and return to his divine essence.