Pranasuri benefit

Pranasuri  — method of working with the body, respiratory system and attention for improvement and development of various spheres of life.

This method is based on many years of experience in the practice of Indian yoga, Chinese and Indian breathing techniques — pranayama, eastern meditation practices and flute Bansuri.

With Pranasuri  anyone can solve multilateral tasks :

-Improvement of all systems of the body through specific breathing exercises;

-Getting rid of the muscle in the body and blocks the excess voltage in all organ systems;

-Increasing energy tone;

-Harmonization of the emotional state;

-Concentration of development, the ability to control thought processes;

-Development of musical ear;The development of a sense of rhythm;

-Development of the overall sensitivity and positive attitude to life;

-Development of the heart center and the balance between material and spiritual aspects of life;

-Development of creative talent in children and adults;

-Social realization in the musical sphere of life.