On-line services

     Video tutorials on the YouTube channel — for free — see here.

     Consultations on the practice of hatha yoga -for free;

     Consultations on meditation and development of awaerness to internal mental                  processes — for free;

      Consultations on pranayama and breathing exercises -free;

      Consultations on Indian Flute Bansuri — for free;

   To make an appoitment - Whatsap, Facebook.

      On-line consultations 

     To purchase Bansuri flutesee here
                 On-line classes:

      Personal — 30 euro. — 90 min.
      Group 2 people — 20 euro per person
      Group 3 people and more — 15 euro per person

      Class on Bansuri — 20 euro. — 45 min.

      Personal program for yoga, pranayama and meditation for 3 months —                                                                by agreement (no less then  150 euro)

      Seminars in India, Nepal and Russia.

                  Universal Programs (download here)